Social Media Pro

Social Media Pro is an online self guided course that will deliver the exact hands-on information you need in five very practical self paced sessions delivered over four weeks. Get it now for only $99

Social media is not simply today’s trendy marketing play; it’s here to stay and has impacted every aspect of marketing and growing a business. In this course you will be guided step-by-step on the creation of your social media system.

Tired of theory and ready for someone to show you how?

This course is not an exercise in theory, it’s a plan of action created by one of the leading small business social media marketing practitioners. The end result of this course is that you are able to effectively and efficiently integrate social media into your overall marketing plans.

This course is unique as you will receive a new lesson each week for five weeks for the price of $99.

Each lesson includes:

  • A video presentation
  • PDF presentation and video transcript
  • Action steps
  • Resources for each step
  • Supplemental videos to guide you through the action steps

You’ll never get overwhelmed because we give you just enough to do each week without overloading you with the entire program. Our test participants found this to be the most helpful aspect of the course.

Here’s the full agenda

Session One – Creating a Social Media Strategy – Before choosing your social media tactics you need to align your activities with your objectives. One of the best ways to do this is to listen first. In this session we will design your social media listening station.

  • Video: Session 1 Lesson
  • Video: Basics of Twitter Search
  • Video: Google News and Alerts
  • Video: Using Google Reader to Listen

Session Two – Optimizing Brand Assets – Social media sites afford a great opportunity to create outposts for your content. In this session we will look a the best ways to create and optimize profiles and other social media real estate.

  • Video: Session 2 Lesson
  • Video: The Google Personal Profile
  • Video: Creating Local Search Profiles
  • Video: Basic Facebook Set-up
  • Video: Embedding YouTube Videos
  • Video: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Video: Optimizing Brand Assets
  • Video: The Basics of Podcasting

Session Three – Blogging for Business – Maybe you have a blog, surely you’ve heard all about them. In this session we will dive deeply into why every small business should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy. Session will include discussion of best practices.

  • Video: Session 3 Lesson
  • Video: WP Settings
  • Video: Installing WordPress
  • Video: Blog Posts
  • Video: WP Pages
  • Video: WP Widgets
  • Video: WP Plugins
  • Video: WordPress Themes

Session Four – Social Networking and Networks – Creating profiles on the major social networking sites isn’t enough. In this session we will cover the best practices for creating engagement on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

  • Video: Session 4 Lession, pt1
  • Video: Session 4 Lesson, pt2
  • Video: Twitter Search
  • Video: Twellow
  • Video: Tweetdeck
  • Video: Facebook Fan Page
  • Video: Facebook FBML
  • Video: LinkedIn Profile Organizer

Session Five – Managing the Beast – The burden of attempting to keep up with the set of actions required to participate fully in social media can overwhelm. In this session we will create your social media system in an attempt to bring it all together so you can balance input with ROI.

  • Video: Session 5 Lesson
  • Audio: Getting Things Done
  • Video: Twitter Feed
  • My Social Media System
  • Video: Netvibes Dashboard
  • Video: Facebook Fan Box

You may also enroll in the Local Search Pro Program by contacting a participating Duct Tape Marketing Consultant to learn about group and 1-on-1 coaching options. Our consultants use the same online materials but,  give you the tremendously powerful advantage of working in person with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.